Nissim Men

Visual artist and photographer Nissim Men (1960) was born in Tel Aviv. He studied photography at the Academy of Art and Design Bezalel in Jerusalem and has worked and traveled extensively around the world. At present he is Amsterdam based.

The work of Nissim Men has evolved over the years from streetwise photography* via stage photography** and digital photography*** to "digital fine art photography"

Digital fine art photography by Nissim Men

The art of Nissim Men is best to be described as exclusive compositions, of his unique photography combined with other digital image concepts.

Central Theme: Legacy

Legacy is leading in the work of Nissim Men.

Distinction is made in three catagories:

legacy of free spirit – Art by Nissim Men
legacy of emotions – People’s Portraits | Company’s Portraits
legacy of time & place – City Portraits

Conceptual thoughts

The category of legacy of the free spirit must be regarded as a legacy of the artist’s spirit in the moment. Work on the basis of own inspiration where digital fine art photography is processed with paint in which craftsmanship, precision, skills and expertise are the unique assets.

All other legacy compositions can be considered as a traveling experience:

through emotional moments in someone's life
by visual story telling about the highlights in the existence of an organization;
by digital fine art City Marketing photography; story telling in one detailed portrait: a walk through a city or a village along all prominent places and / or striking buildings;

The full City Portrait Collection

There are more than a hundred City Portraits, check for the latest overview ,

Formats & other information

The ‘City Portraits’ are limited editions;
The editions are signed, numbered and dated by the artist;
Certificates of authenticity are included;
The amount of prints are limited to 12 copies per city portrait;
Printed in high quality on the presentable size of 125 x 50 cm;
Different sizes and editions will be created at special request only;
Prints can be created on diverse materials and on mega sizes at special request only

All city portraits limited editions can be updated just like real expanding cities
Once a city portrait is updated it will be expended in its composition with further research and visuals from past, present and future to enrich and document the city-portrait.

Nissim Men - Gulden geschiedenis

Face Spiritual

Face Landscape

Zaanstad city-portrait

Amsterdam in progress

Haarlem in progress

Hommage Don Quichot

Still life Air

Master Tree

Face with butterflies

Brain waves

Nissim Men